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The Christian Meditation Room-Dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit Flying to the Heavens
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Need material for your Sunday School Class or Bible Study Group?

Use this training program for your Bible Study group or Sunday School class. The training program provides background information on Christian Meditation and some guidance on how to start meditating.

The materials below are everything you need to teach this class on Christian Meditation. Use the slides (with speakers notes) to lead the group discussion while showing the slides (without speaker's notes) to the group. You can watch the training program on YouTube. If you feel you would like more background on Christian Meditation before teaching a group, check out our Recommended Books.

The Learning Objectives include:
  1. Differentiating between prayer and Christian meditation
  2. Understanding how the Beatles influenced meditation
  3. Understanding what the Bible says about meditation
  4. Understanding the health benefits of meditation
  5. Learning some Christian meditation techniques

Download FREE Training Materials:


After your training, let us know how it went! Send an email to susan@whitebufallosolutions.comYour feedback is very appreciated and will be used to improve this program.