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The Christian Meditation Room-Dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit Flying to the Heavens
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Photo Meditations

Photo Meditations

Need a quick break? Use Photo Meditations to recharge your day.


  1. Choose one of the pictures below for your meditation. Click on the picture to open the page.
  2. Start by closing your eyes. Take a deep breath, and relax your shoulders.
  3. Open your eyes. Focus on the image--look for the details in the picture.
  4. After looking at the image, now look at the words on the page. Say them to yourself several times. If you like, say them out loud.
  5. Say a quick prayer to thank the Lord for this time of meditation
Christian Photo Meditation--On Eagle's Wings--from the Christian Meditation Room. He will lift you up on eagle's wings.

On Eagle's Wings

Isaiah 40:31

Christian Photo Meditation--Peace be with you--from the Christian Meditation Room. Showing a photo of a dove ascending into heaven.


John 14:27

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Photo Meditation from The Christian Meditation Room--Sunrise over mountains--as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people.

Sunrise over mountains

Psalms 125:2