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Recommended Books

These are books we recommend for further study on Christian meditation.

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, includes an entire chapter on the "Discipline of Meditation".  While the book is easy to read, it is particularly helpful to mature Christians who desire to deepen their faith through meditation. Richard Foster is a Quaker and a Christian theologian. It makes a great book for a Bible Study group, as each discipline is covered in a different chapter. Some of the disciplines are a bit controversial make for excellent discussion items, such as the Discipline of Fasting or the Discipline of Confession. The chapter on the Discipline of Meditation highly influenced the material on this website.

The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale, is a life-changing book that will help you end negative and destructive thought patterns.  It is delightful to read and you may find it is a book you re-read when you face challenges in life. First published in 1952, over 5 million copies have been sold. The advice offered by Dr. Peale 60 years ago is still relevant today.  Much of the inspiration for The Five-Minute Christian Meditation came from this book.

The Seven Storey Mountain, by Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk and priest, describes how the author discovered the contemplative life and became a monk. Thomas Merton was wrote many books on the contemplative life;The Seven Storey Mountain is the most well known.