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The Christian Meditation Room: A place for Christian Meditation
The Christian Meditation Room-Dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit Flying to the Heavens
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Welcome to the Christian Meditation Room

The Christian Meditation Room is a place for meditation and the study of meditation. May the Lord bless your meditation practice!


Get started on your journey in Meditations. You may want to start by listening to our eight-minute audio meditation. A simple meditation tool for your first efforts is The Five-Minute Christian Meditation. The Five-Minute Christian Meditation app has been downloaded all over the world by tens of thousands of believers.


Find Christian Meditation apps for your smartphone or tablet on the Apps Page. Having an app will make it easier for you to meditate at any place and at any time. Some recommended apps on this page are made by White Buffalo and others are recommended apps for your Christian Meditation practice.


In Resources, you can find recommended books on Christian Meditation and tools you can use to help others learn to meditate. Our training program makes it easy for you to teach others by providing a slide show, handouts for your group, and speakers notes so you can lead your group through the program.

What can you do in The Christian Meditation Room?



Need a good book to read on Meditation? The Celebration of Discipline has an excellent chapter on the discipline of meditation! See all our Recommended Books.

Restoring the lost art of Christian meditation.